Kate Beck

Acoustic / Folk / Singer

Kate Beck is a singer /songwriter from Los Angeles, California living and performing in Tokyo.

Her music is rooted in the singer/songwriter tradition but incorporates vocal and guitar effects as well as a loop pedal for live shows. Her airy and gentle yet soulful voice, along with her understated but powerful lyrics and melodies leave you in a trance.

She’s releasing her debut EP in early 2019, and you can catch her performing on stages around Tokyo or hear her singing in commercials or TV Show soundtracks on Japanese TV.

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Kate Beck - Married To The Moon @ More Than Music Presents

A Hi-Def video of Kate Beck performing the song 'Married To The Moon’ at Tokyo's 下北沢ろくでもない夜 on November 17th, 2018. Filmed by Marc-Antoine Astier and Christoph Gelep of Boomachine (www.boomachine.com) for the More Than Music Presents series.