Wild Stomp

Funk / Jazz

Deep down, we all move to a rhythm. At times that beat is calm like ebbing waves on a sea shore, rushing like a stampede in the savanna, or slamming like a hammer on an anvil. These rhythms are the basis for Wild Stomp.

There is no one way to look at Wild Stomp's music, because there is something for everyone. The jazz cats can get down with the sideways rhythms of Junya's drums. The hip hoppers can groove with the pop and lockin strings of Kosho's bass. The funkophiles can shake it to the staccato stagger of Mark's guitar. The soul lovers can swing and sway to the sweet melodies of Shizuka's voice.

But make no mistake, life's rhythms are many and various and Wild Stomp is no one trick pony. So be open to everything at a Wild Stomp show.

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