East Meets West: Jazz and R&B

Saturday November 05, 2016

East meets West is a musical series designed to bring the international community together. This event features 4 highly talented musical groups and the bands will come from both the Japanese and International scenes. 

More than music, these events create a sense of community. We make sure to dedicate time to social activities including raffles and games to help each other get to know one another.

The 5th's line up is as Follows:
Jazz Klaxon

Gorilla Rotation
Ruby Room Orchestra

For those who are hungry, there will be food available for order at Mandala's bar.

Come join us for smooth and jovial night.

This event is organized by More Than Music and supported by, More Than Words, Polygots, and Monja.

*Thanks to the great lineup, this will be the first time we've hired a videographer to capture parts of the show

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