Charity Music Event - Save the Pink Cow
This show is over

Sunday June 14, 2015

Over the last few years, Jason and I have had fun getting people together for various activities and events. In doing so, we have always wanted to do something to support others.

Recently, I found out that The Pink Cow, which is a local restaurant that focuses on supporting the indie art scene, is struggling to meet their lease. It's vital to take action to support the things that you find important. As someone who regularly checks out museums and shows around Tokyo, I believe that art is something worth supporting and want to do my part.

Along with Aleister Kelman and Strike Pink, we will be putting on a charity music show at Campion Ale Asakusa - カンピオンエール浅草 on June 14th to help support The Pink Cow in raising the funds that they need.

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